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How What You Wear Can Boost Your Confidence

Angelina Peña

Posted on June 02 2016

Whether you are shimmying into a billowy dress for date night or buttoning up a tailored shirt for a job interview, you have the same fashion mindset—dress to impress. While it is important for, say, a date or interview to keep in mind how our clothing can impact how others see us, it is also important that we are aware of how much our clothing can affect how we see us. Is that to say we have to be dressed to the nines in order to have a higher confidence level? Of course not! It simply means how we feel about a clothing item will influence how we feel about ourselves if we so choose to wear it.

For example, imagine you pass by a boutique window and spot a flouncy t-shirt tucked into tapered sweatpants. What is your first impression? Cute but casual? Oh-so comfortable? Too lazy-looking? Not for me? Any of these initial reactions are neither right nor wrong—they just are. But if you felt the sporty outfit was even a little bit "lazy-looking," then if you were to wear it out, you would start to feel less self-assured. If you perceived it as comfortable but stylish, then you would begin to feel more comfortable, more poised, in your own skin and style—an inwardly and outwardly effect.

Need a more concrete example? A study published by the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology showed how certain clothes make us feel more ready to take on certain roles, as they affect our basic abilities. In the experiment, all the subjects were given a white coat to wear and then were tested on their attention to detail. Those who perceived the white coat to be that of a doctor performed better, with sustained and heightened focus, than those who thought the coat belonged to a painter. This phenomenon, called "enclothed cognition," means that if you link Versace clothes with glamorous and sexy women, then you would feel the same glamor and sexiness if you were to wear our beautiful Versace fitted dress.

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Beautiful. Familiar. Effortless. Dress to impress, dress for success, but be a-wear of yourself and be confident!

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By Olivia Zisman


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