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Caring For Your Fabrics

Angelina Peña

Posted on April 02 2015

Caring For Your Fabrics

If you have invested in quality clothing, you want it to last.
We have tips on how to extend the life of your fabrics.

  1. Always read the instructions on tags for proper wash, care, detergent type and water temperatures.
  2. Research dry cleaners before you use them. Make sure they know how to take care of your garments and any specialty fabrics or embellishments.
  3. Buy a steamer to avoid iron marks, burns or creases. Some fabrics are much easier to un-wrinkle with steaming. You can find several types of steamers at your local stores here
  4. If there is a spill or stain: dab water or seltzer on stain, or use stain remover pen. Be sure that whatever you use is safe on the fabric you are cleaning. You don't want colors to run or to damage it. When in doubt for stains, you can save this handy stain removal tips chart
  5. If you are hand-washing your clothing, air/sun dry instead of using your dryer to prevent damage or shrinking. You can find racks to make air drying a breezehere.
  6. Leave room between garments hung in closet to prevent them from falling off hanger or getting wrinkled.
  7. Use velvet hangers to help prevent clothing from sliding off of the hanger. You can even use socks for make-shift hanger pads in a pinch.
  8. If you shrink something, some fabrics will return to their original shape if you re-wet them and gently pull in one direction and then opposite direction. Lay out to air dry.

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