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Designer Spotlight: Leona by Lauren Leonard

Sarah Gruber

Posted on April 20 2015

If I had to describe the Leona brand in three words, they would be luxurious, modern, and classic. For those of you that do not know Leona by Lauren Leonard, you must check out her collection NOW! Leona debut in 2008 and is worn by the likes Taylor Swift and Giuliana Rancic among many others.  Her pieces are cool and easy to wear with slight girly touches.  
Lauren Leonard began her career in Fashion at the age of 16. She worked at luxury fashion retailers throughout the South. Her southern background can be seen in each of her pieces.  Many are hand-drawn prints that are then translated into the most luxurious silks, cotton, and wools. When one purchases a Leona piece it will be a staple in their closet for years to come that will mix and match with other pieces seamlessly.

These are my top pieces for Spring, which are all available here

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