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Angelina Peña

Posted on April 23 2015

You can now purchase from our flash sales right on Instagram!
If you have an Instagram account, then you know that you can't just click on images to see more info on what you are interested in.  We have just joined Soldsie, which allows us to sell to you directly from Instagram.

Now, when we post a flash sale or new product ready to sell, you can buy it!
Click the link on our Instagram profile or sign up with Soldsie by clicking the link below:

When you see an item you want that we have posted is up for sale, follow these instructions:
1. Comment with the word SOLD and what size you want. (ex. SOLD Size 12)
2. This will trigger the app to email you an invoice for that item.
3. You pay that invoice
4. We ship the product

We will post flash sales or sale items weekly for you to purchase. Just try to be the first to comment, so that you don't miss the change to buy that item.
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