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Washable Silk...Who Knew!?

Angelina Peña

Posted on November 04 2015

Who doesn’t love silk blouses? I do, but I hate having to take them to the cleaners all the time. Lucky for us, there is a solution! Let me introduce you to your new best friend, Go Silk.

Go Silk is a line of washed and washable silk clothing. Launched in March of 1977 by Jerry Hirsch, Go Silk set out to make everyone’s favorite casual garments more luxurious and elegant by designing them in silk.

It all started when a European designer was browsing through World War II memorabilia and came across a silk parachute that was softer than any other he had seen before. He learned that these silk parachutes took on this soft texture due to being washed after every jump. He bought them, repurposed the fabrics and had skirts made. They sold immediately.

In 1984, Hirsch was approached by one of his first customers, Henry Lehr who now owned a boutique in Soho to manufacture one of the stores’ best-selling jumpsuits in silk. Hirsch made 100 pieces of a military pilot’s flightsuit and washed all of them resulting in a more supple and worn in look. An additional 300 pieces were requested a week later!

These two men worked together to create a collection of silk garments that would become everyday pieces that looked casual, durable, and “lived in.” They developed a luxurious silk fabric that had a finish unlike anyone had seen before. This resulted in elegant and fashionable garments that were also familiar, friendly, and easy to wear. In April of 1984, Go Silk was officially formed.

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