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6 Reasons to go for Designer Denim

Sarah Gruber

Posted on November 10 2015

Why should you invest in Designer Denim? 

Jeans are everyone’s favorite clothing item because of their comfort and versatility. Everyone has their favorite pair and you can get them just about anywhere these days.  
So, why go designer?

  1. Quality: Not only are they made of premier fabric but the initial design and sewing methods are impeccable. Most of the fabric is imported in order to give you the best.  Designer jeans are not cut and sewn in mass but most are individually cut and sewn giving them quality construction that withstands the test of time.  This ensures that your jeans will be a long lasting staple in your closet.  They will stretch to fit you, but not lose their shape. 
  1. They do your booty justice: The secret of a great looking booty in jeans, according to the founder of Paige Denim, is pocket placement! Pockets should end right where your cheek meets your thigh.  This is different for everyone so find the correct rise you need. 
  1. You can wash without fading: This goes back to the quality of the fabric again- the better the fabric, the better that it holds its color. To take extra good care, wash your jeans in cold water inside out and lay them flat to dry. 
  1. Fit: The high quality construction of designer and brand name denim ensures a perfect fit. The fabrics that are used are such amazing quality that the jeans conform to your body. They begin to fit your body better and better over time rather than shrinking and losing their shape.  Many companies make jeans to fit specific body types and don’t just mass produce one style and size. 
  1. Sizing: Designer jeans have more accurate sizing than basic jeans that are sized on a scale with predetermined widths and lengths. They come in different rises depending on what each body shape prefers or needs.  Everyone’s body is different and they think about this while designing. 
  1. Consistency: Mass produced denim companies are always looking to save a penny and this creates a different product each time. Designer denim producers use the same fabrics and techniques every year. This provides a consistent product that you can buy without trying on.  
Get yourself a great fitting pair of jeans and you will feel like a brand new person!  And even better, we have them at a highly discounted price :) 
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