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5 Ways to Wear: Leather

Angelina Peña

Posted on November 11 2015

A good leather jacket can go a long way. We tend to look at leather with a very narrow style lens but it’s much more versatile and accessible than we’ve been told!  

Everyone loves a good leather jacket for those chilly fall and winter nights, but they can also be worn well into spring to add extra texture to any basic outfit- especially on a windy day. Long gone are the days of the all black, heavy, shapeless leather jackets that only look good on teens and models. Leather jackets now come in every style and color to flatter women of all shapes and sizes.

Investing in a leather jacket will do more than just keep you warm; it will transform your entire wardrobe and we’re here to show you how to make it work for any occasion!

Brunch – Pop a leather jacket over a bright dress to tone down your look and pair with some flats.

Formal – Choose a neutral color and complimentary style so as to not overwhelm your dress

Work – Leather in the workplace is possible, but depending on where you work it can be tricky. Stick to a more lightweight and slim cut jacket with a simple shell. 

Cocktails – Worried about spilling on your jacket? Dip your toe into the leather pool with leather accents or a leather skirt. 

Weekend/Casual – Pair any of the above with your favorite jeans and boots. Remember, balance is key. If wearing a tough moto style jacket opt for a more refined jean, or rock your favorite distressed pair of jeans with a softer jacket or leather vest.

Don’t be afraid to reach for your favorite leather jacket a bit more often. Leather brings out our inner “cool kid” and who doesn’t want to feel cool a bit more often? A great leather jacket will last for years-getting more comfortable and gaining character as you wear it.  Just like a beautiful woman, leather jackets only get better with time.

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