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Trend Translation: Pleats

Angelina Peña

Posted on January 21 2016

The fashion schedule is impossible to follow these days. Designers are now expected to present six collections a year with ever increasing urgency to keep up with the fast-fashion "McFashion" brands. As we've already seen with Raf Simons of Dior and Lanvin's Alber Elbaz, the stress of this intense schedule is causing titans of the industry to bow out.

Raf Simons says goodbye at Dior

So that begs the question- if Raf Simons can't keep up with the trends and the non-stop pace of the industry, how can we? 

We know that in 2016, women are busier than ever with 60-hour work weeks, taking the kids to dance recitals, volunteering responsibilities, enjoying time with friends, caring for loved ones, or just taking care of yourself! We are constantly on the go and even for the biggest fashion fiends, it becomes impossible to follow the latest runway trends. 

That's where Mulberry Muse comes in. 

Our goal is to bring a little more beauty to your busy life. With our newest series, Trend Translation, we'll take a look at all of the hottest trends on the runway and we'll bring them to you in a nice, neat, and easy package. Something you can browse on your lunch break, between classes, or while you're waiting in the pick-up lane at school.

We'll show you a trend on the runway, show how it's being worn on the street, and then show you the pieces on our site that can get you the look! 

First we'll be looking at pleats- one of the trends we profiled in our New Year, New You: 6 Trends You Should Follow This Year post a few weeks back (which you can check out here). Let's jump in!

Pleating isn't just for preps or school girls anymore. This season, designers like Chanel, Gucci, Hermes, Carolina Herrera, Emilio Pucci, and Valentino are transforming silhouettes with structural pleats, adding lines and just a little flirtation all with the manipulation of fabric. 

    • Going for a skirt? Highlight your waist! For the most slimming look, make sure to show off the waistband of the skirt (otherwise you appear shapeless and lost). So whether you go simple and pair it with a tee, tough with a tank and leather jacket, or sexy with a lacy cami, tuck it in! 
      • Pick the best pleat style for your shape. Stitched down pleats lie flat at the top- ideal if you're insecure about your tummy. Knife pleats are the least voluminous: perfect for bigger bottoms! Accordion pleats offer an hourglass effect because they're full through the hips.

We saw this look at the Altuzarra Spring 2016 show and instantly fell in love. The pleats are romantic, flowy, and dreamy while the top adds structure and shape to the look. 

Unfortunately, we aren't all 6'1. The length of the skirt would make anyone under 5'11 look too short and the while the elongated lines of the top would slim the body, it just wouldn't be very easy to wear all day. Like most runway looks, it's beautiful but impractical. 

Street style has taken this look and dirtied it up a bit. The silhouette is similar but the skirt is shorter and the top is lighter and has been tucked in to show off the waist without adding the bulk of a belt. Pairing this timeless look with some grunge-esque boots and a black bag brings it to 2016 and gives off a flirty and fun look. 

For the Mulberry Muse look, we went with a box pleated skirt. These larger pleats add volume for our skinny girls and are sometimes more appropriate than the airy knife pleats, depending on the occasion. We paired it with our favorite Rebecca Minkoff shoulder bag and the insanely comfortable Kerry Moto Boot from Burberry. Toss on your favorite denim or chambray shirt (we chose the Madewell Little Love Shirt, sadly out of stock at the moment) and head out the door!
We hope you enjoyed the first piece of this series. If you have any trends you'd like us to translate for you, leave us a comment below, tweet us @themulberrymuse, or shoot us an email! 
Remember- enjoy your day, be fashionable, fierce, and kind. 
-Mulberry Muse

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