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5 Fashion Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

Angelina Peña

Posted on February 29 2016

Tired of the same old cardio playlist at the gym? Need something to keep you from going crazy in traffic or to help pass the time at work? Check out some of our favorite fashion podcasts below!


Pop Fashion
Love fashion news but don’t have time to keep up with the ins and outs of everything going on? Join Lisa and Kaarin for a weekly roundup of the industry’s biggest stories broken down in an honest and fun conversation between friends.


You Must Remember This
While not specifically fashion-centric, this storytelling podcast is made for those of us obsessed with the glitz and glamour of Old Hollywood. Host Karina Longworth pushes past the soft lighting and beautiful gowns to tell us the true (and mostly forgotten) stories of Hollywood’s Golden Age. Make sure not to miss the series on Charles Manson and his Family and how they impacted Hollywood.


American Fashion
This one is for the true lover on the fashion industry. If you love discussions, hearing all of the latest on up-and-coming designers, and ethical fashion and trends happening in the industry, then the American Fashion weekly podcast is for you. The interviews make getting all of the information from designers or fashion experts fun and you will always walk away feeling like you learned something.



Vogue Podcast
Huge fan of Anna Wintour? Look no further than the Vogue Podcast, whose inaugural episode features a rare fun interview with the Queen of Vogue herself. Hosted by the always fabulous Andre Leon Talley, this podcast is full of interviews with fashion’s biggest names. (Fingers crossed for a Grace interview soon!)


More of a visual person? No worries, the MODTV podcast also has a video feature! They’ll take you backstage behind fashion week in New York, Milan, ad Paris for exclusive interviews with models and designers. Or they’ll take you straight to the doors of your favorite magazines and talk about what’s going on at a given publication. MODTV is the #1 Fashion and Beauty podcast on iTunes so you know it’s worth a listen.

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