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Fashion & Beauty Essentials to Pack for Your Travels

Angelina Peña

Posted on July 07 2016

I have had the gravelly voice of Louis Armstrong stuck in my head all day—in particular, the line "And I think to myself / What a wonderful wooorld." Not a complaint, really, having Louis jazz it out in my head. For some odd reason, when I think of Europe, I want to listen to Louis Armstrong. Maybe it's something to do with the richness in his voice, and the richness—for me, at least—of all that unexplored territory and culture in Europe. Why, you might ask, am I thinking about Europe? Well. So convenient of you to ask! (*tosses hair*) I'll be going overseas in just a few days! ...And I haven't even started packing yet. So, here we have it: our mutually beneficial blog post on fashion and beauty packing essentials.

I recently went on a shopping spree for my trip until, like, five bags where swinging on my arms like clothes hangers. Here is what I bought, fashion-wise:

1. MIDI SHORTS – Look. Ladies, I'm all about showing off our legs (ahem—if we've taken the time to shave them). But when it comes to booty shorts, well. I just don't know. What I love about midi shorts is that they are modest enough for you to feel comfortable while also still allowing you to have legs for days! I bought three in a light, medium, and dark jean wash, plus a white denim midi!

2. SWING RACERBACK TANKS – They are soft and sexy and perfect for an airy, beachy look! Great when hanging loose or loosely tucked into those midi shorts or over a bathing suit.

3. MIX-AND-MATCHED BIKINI – When it comes to two-piece bathing suits, women rarely buy a matching top and bottom nowadays. I like to opt for a block color top and solid black bottoms. I also found—but ended up not buying—tons of "little black" one-pieces with tastefully sexy cut-outs! Seems to be very "in" right now.

4. MAXI AND MIDI DRESSES – So simple. So effortless. Literally all you have to do is toss on a maxi/midi dress with some hoop earrings and wedges or sandals, and you have a going-out outfit. Or you can always wear them as beach cover-ups. I love the versatility and wearability of these dresses, especially when traveling!

5. BIRKENSTOCKS – Y'all, comfort (of course, without sacrificing style) is a must when sightseeing. Whether it's with Birkenstocks or a comfortable sandal or tennis shoe, be kind to your feet!

I also bought quite a bit of beauty and skincare products! Here is what's in my cosmetic bag:


2. LIP CHAP – to keep my lips nourished and soft

3. BB CREAM – This should be your travel buddy, attached at the hip. It can save so much space in your tote because it acts just about everything—a skin perfecter, primer, foundation, and sunscreen!

4. CONCEALER – for when I get dark circles under my eyes from jet lag

5. WATERPROOF MASCARA – Let's be real here. We all sweat—er, glisten. And I have long lashes that hit my eyelids, so waterproof mascara is an absolute must for me in the summer!

6. MOISTURIZER – Okay, I know I've already mentioned our favorite travel buddy, BB cream. But I have to talk about the moisturizer I bought, Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue, because it has been a saint in this Houston heat. This beauty product has electrolytes that help replenish your skin, ingredients that hydrate, nourish, and condition your skin, and antioxidants that help protect it against environmental stressors! Paired with a finishing powder to keep your skin looking shine-free, Complexion Rescue is something I highly, highly recommend you have in your makeup artillery.

A Couple Extra Tips I've Picked Up:

1. Dress in layers. I mean, you never really know what the weather's going to be like on a day-to-day basis. Plus, some sacred places in Europe will not allow you in unless your shoulders are covered. A kimono or cardigan is lightweight enough to let your shoulders breathe, or bring some scarves—they'll double as neckwear or a shawl when the time's needed.

2. Adapt to your environment. Adapt, as in: bring an adapter for your electronics. Not that you should be on your phone. Remember to unplug every now and then during your vacation!

3. Bring your spontaneity! I can't stress enough how little I've prepared for this trip... probably to my detriment. But hey—sometimes life's better a little whimsical.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on any travel must-haves I missed below in the comments, and I hope you all have a very whimsical, very adventurous summer. Until next time!

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