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Teaching During COVID: High School Teacher Aurora P. Tells Us What It's Like to Teach During a Pandemic

Angelina Peña

Posted on October 27 2020


What subject do you teach and what grade?
I teach English to 10th Graders.

How has your job role changed during the pandemic?
To be honest, I could add tech support to my job title lol. I have to help kids troubleshoot any tech issues they’re having. Also teaching them just the basics of how to use a laptop.

Are you working from home? If so, what are you go to WFH(work from home) outfits?
My go-to WFH outfit would be leggings and a band t-shirt. It’s not professional but I am comfy.

What challenges do you face when working from home?
The biggest challenge is not being able to connect with kids. It’s a way different feeling online and you honestly don’t know what kids are dealing with on the other side of that computer.

What personal precautions are you taking?
I do a lot of online ordering and I also pick up my groceries now.

Have you made any other changes to stay healthy? If so, what is your go to meal? Go to workout?
I am constantly washing my hands and using hand sanitizer. I’ve also bought a few things on Amazon to do at home workouts and I try to go to the gym during times where there aren’t too many people. My go to meal is a turkey sandwich with provolone cheese!

What have been your go to activities to stay busy? 
I am trying to cook more and get more inventive with my meals at home since we can’t go out to eat as much. Watching a lot of tv and reading a lot too. Anything that will keep me busy! I’ve also tried to go out into my neighborhood for a walk in the evenings.

How have your thoughts regarding Covid-19 changed during the pandemic?
I feel like the precautions you take really reflect how much you care about those around you. I respect those who are doing all the right things like wearing a mask, social distancing, etc. 

How are you staying connected to your friends and family?
I still live with my parents and sister so we are still pretty close. In regards to our friends, we do have small get togethers at my boyfriend's home but it’s usually less than 7 people.

What do you find keeps you motivated?
Tbh life keeps me motivated. 200,000+ people have died from this virus... but I am still alive. You can call it luck or destiny or whatever you want but I think that’s really crazy. I definitely feel like COVID has helped me gain perspective on things. I take more time to appreciate the small things and I make the most of my days.

Is there anything else you would like to mention about your experience with the pandemic?
This is not about the pandemic but GO VOTE!! 


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