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Our favorite Bloggers and their DIY Halloween Looks

Maria Cuadra

Posted on October 15 2018

DIY Halloween Chic Costumes Easy Bloggers


Catwoman by Sydney Styles:


 We love Sydney's blog on her version of a DIY Catwoman Costume and Poison Ivy. Catwoman can be interpreted and styled in different ways. A lot of the pieces you may already have in your closet. Catwoman is all about skin tight leather and lace. Click the link above to read more on how she styled her costume. Here's some suggestions we have in case you need help! Last minute Halloween costume? No problem!



Lauren Conrad as Cruella De Vil

Last year, Lauren Conrad pulled off this glamorous and totally sexy Cruella De Vil costume. Best part of this costume is, these are pieces you can reuse with future outfits, and doesn't come in a cheap plastic bag from the Halloween store. Look chic, evil, and sexy in this bold costume. Click link above to read more from Lauren Conrad's blog. Here are some pieces below to help you get started on the look: 


Marie from The Joy of Fashion as a Mime:

This is a great last minute costume since majority of us already have similar items like this in our closet! Easily pair your favorite black and white striped tee shirt with a pair of black high waisted pants. Add suspenders and white gloves to complete the look. Don't forget to add a beret! Read more about this last minute DIY with the link above!



 Merrick's Art Mary Poppins: 


Mary Poppins is a classic choice for a an easy DIY Halloween costume! Bonus points with the new Mary Poppins Returns movie being released this December this is a great choice for a costume! Majority of these items are probably hanging in your closet right now. But you many need to customize the hat yourself, be sure to click the link above to read more about putting together this look:



 The Joy of Fashion's Audrey Hepburn 

DIY Halloween Costume: Audrey Hepburn

This costume is probably a number one classic. Audrey Hepburn is every fashionista's favorite and is probably one of the easiest Halloween DIY's you can do! Everyone has an LBD in their closet (little black dress) but if not take a look at some of our suggestions and get this costume ready to go! Look classy while still being in the spirit of Halloween! Don't forget to click above to read more on how to pull off this look: 



Simply Jules as a Kitty Cat

There's so many versions of a traditional kitty cat look for Halloween, but our take is a lot more fashionable. You can pretty much wear any sexy dark tones and dress it up or dress it down any way you want. Just flaunt your sexy cat eye makeup and adorable kitty ears with any outfit and you're good to go. Check out some of our suggestions below to put together a great Halloween party look as cat: 


Let us know what are some of your favorite DIY Halloween looks! Can't you tell we love Halloween?!


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