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6 Styling Tips Every Petite Woman Should Know

Angelina Peña

Posted on April 09 2019

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If you're 5' 3" and under, then you're familiar with the struggles of finding clothes that add height and compliment your unique figure at the same time. Fortunately, we have a few tips to offer that will make shopping for the perfect outfit a breeze! Below are tips to consider on your next browse:

1. Know your measurements 

Make sure you know your sleeve, bust, hips, waist, and inseam measurements. Knowing your measurements lead to a satisfying purchase. (This is why we include all measurements in our product descriptions!) Follow the diagram below and jot down your measurements; keep them in your phone's notepad for quick reference:

Image result for measurements woman | Petite Hacks


2. Wear the right shoes

The trick to looking taller starts from the bottom - with the shoes! Focus on these characteristics when shoe shopping:

  • A heel or platform
  • Nude/neutral color
  • A pointed toe


    All of these features add length to the legs and visually elongate the body. Checking any of these off the list will help, but the ideal shoe will include all of these features.  
    If heels aren't your jam...

    A pair of platform tennies or sandals add actual height without walking on your tiptoes!




     3. Find the Perfect Pants

    Shopping for pants can be frustrating when you're petite! Most jeans are way long or have an awkward fit. To avoid pants like this focus on the following traits:

    • High-Waist 
    • Cropped Hem 
    • Straight/Skinny Leg 



      • Baggy pants 
      • low- rise jeans 


           Although baggy pants sound comfortable, they add width to your legs instead of height. Opt for a skinny jogger like the one below:


          4. Avoid Long & Boxy Tops

          Shopping for tops can be just as frustrating as shopping for pants. Shopping for petite sizes only can limit your options and you may miss out on a great deal. If you have trouble finding tops that fit and add height, don't worry! Refer back to your measurements and focus on tops that have these features:

          • V-neckline
          • Fitted
          • Cropped


            Crop tops are a great way to add some inches to your height. If crop tops aren’t for you, focus on fitted tees that fall right under the belly button. You can also pair a normal length blouse and tuck it in. Just make sure the sleeves aren't too long.



              • Oversized sleeves
              • Extra Long Tops
              • Boxy Fit


                Although boxy, oversized shirts make great pajamas, they're not the best to wear when trying to look taller.  


                5. Wear Flattering Dresses

                Dresses are a little more versatile when it comes to shopping because you can accessorize accordingly. Focus on the following when shopping for dresses...

                • Cinched waist
                • Knee-length hemlines


                Adding a belt to your waist gives the illusion of a higher torso, making you look taller! Knee-length or mini-skirts will do the trick as they show off your legs. 

                  • Calf-length hemlines
                  • Boxy fits 
                  • Horizontal patterns


                      Since there are many types of dresses, these traits should be easy to dodge. If you find yourself loving an item that has any of the features that you should avoid, just pair with anything else on the recommended list.

                    6. Wear Vertical Stripes

                    When attempting to look taller you'll want to avoid wearing garments that have horizontal lines. Horizontal lines make the body look short and wide while vertical lines elongate the body. Vertical patterns include stripes, embellishments, buttons and whatever else can create the allusion of a vertical line. 


                    The most important tip of all is to be comfortable in your own skin. Remember to focus on flaunting your assets instead of obsessing on your flaws. 
                    Thanks for reading!


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