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Sustainable Shopping: Help Us Help the Environment

Angelina Peña

Posted on June 05 2019


At Muse Boutique Outlet, we are big believers in recycling and doing our part help conserve the environment for our future. Our goal is to keep as much clothing out of landfills by giving it a new chance to reach another’s closet. Although we cannot take every item that is sent to us, we dutifully choose where our unsellable items are donated.  We work with Dress for Success to allow women entering the workforce to receive appropriate business attire to succeed and provide for themselves and their family.  We also work with The Cottage Shop who benefits the Women’s Home in Houston. Women staying at the home get to shop free of charge every Wednesday to get anything they may need to start a new life.  Additionally, we email order receipts instead of printing as well as using recycled poly bags to mail our items to the customer. We practice recycling each day by abstaining from using disposable cups, plates, cutlery, etc. as well as recycling any items we may receive.  

We are always researching ways to reuse items we may send to you.  Here are a few and we will continue to share more!


#1Sustainable Shopping: Help Us Help the Environment

It's so easy!

We use polybags to make sure items get to our customers in perfect condition. You never know what the weather has in store. Whether it's rain, snow or sunshine, poly bags will protect what's in the package. They're amazing for shipping however, terrible for the environment. :( Next time you receive a package, save the polybag and consider using it for the following:

Returns/Future Shipments

  • If you receive an item that is not the right fit you can return it to us in the same polybag that it was sent in! All you have to do is add tape. 
  • If you're an online seller (ebay, poshmark, etc.) save old polybags for future shipments. You can cut the bag and make your own sizes using tape. Or use more than one to wrap a box! Amazinggg!
Here's an informative video on how to reuse a polybag: 


Save 'em for the Dirty Work

  •  When taking your dog on a walk, use polybags for your best friend's 'remainings'. Not only are you saving the environment, but you're also being an awesome neighbor! 
Image result for pick up after your dog sign funny




 #2Sustainable Shopping: Help Us Help the Environment

It's time to go green!

Another reusable item we include in packages are the clothing tags. They may seem harmless but these little guys add up and contribute to the earth's pollution. However, you can help save the environment by trying the following: 

Create Labels

  • Bring out the glue and sharpies and transform your tags into labels. Flip over your tag, give it a name and hot glue on baskets, organizers, files and anything else you want to organize! See pic below:
Sustainable Shopping: Help Us Help the Environment


Sustainable Shopping: Help Us Help the Environment

 Last but not least!

Reusing cardboard boxes is so easy and the possibilities are almost endless! Here are some ways you can save the planet by reusing cardboard boxes:

DIY Projects

  • You can break them down and save for future Miscellaneous DIY projects like creating a home for your cat or transforming into a stylish organization bin. Here are a few examples:
Sustainable Shopping: Help Us Help the Environment

Hit the Internet 

  • If boxes aren't your 'thang' and stress you out just by the sight of them (aka me) you can still save the planet!  Ask around and see if any of your friends, neighbors or co-workers need boxes. Someone most likely will. If you're having a hard time finding someone, create a post on an online marketplace like facebook, craigslist or offerup. It's a little out of the way but it's better than tossing them in the trash! You can do this!  
  • Check out the blog below for more cardboard box ideas:
Sustainable Shopping: Help Us Help the Environment

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