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Take Your Shirtdresses from Summer to Fall in 5 Easy Steps

Angelina Peña

Posted on August 18 2016

Scenario One: You're hopping to your car because that one heel dangling from your hand still needs to be strapped on. At a red light, you begin to slick some mascara on your lashes until the cars behind you start to honk. Startled, you rev the engine and accidentally smudge mascara onto your cheeks like football black eye. You finally make it to work when you realize that you forgot your pencil skirt at home, and you're still in your pajama bottoms. You, my reader, are crazy busy today.

Scenario Two: It's a Saturday morning. Maybe you've had a hectic workweek, maybe you're coming down with something, or maybe you just feel like vegging. But you've already made brunch plans with a friend, so lounging sweats won't cut it. You, my friend, are a mellow fellow today.

What outfit can be your go-to for both situations? That is, you need something that can look put-together for work or casual chic for your Saturday brunch—something that can go from the desk to the dinner table! So, what do you wear?

Enter the shirtdress. No need to sacrifice style or comfort with this typically button-down, oversized, and long piece of clothing that looks like a shirt but acts like a dress! Because it's both timeless and versatile, a shirtdress is perfect for all seasons and for all moods. For this upcoming fall season, Mulberry Muse has the easiest ways to wear the shirtdress for an effortless autumn look.

1. Add a leather or jean jacket. It'll give the shirtdress structure while also keeping you warm in cooler weather.

Sadie-A Shrunken Lamb Leather Biker Jacket by La Marque

Carly Shirt Dress by Tart Collections

Brinly Bootie by Isola

2. Slip into some tights. Sheer tights or leggings beneath a shirtdress and pair of combat boots are comfy-cozy fall essentials.

Reversible Tight End Tights by Spanx

Pleat Back Shirt Dress by Bella Luxx

3. Cinch the waist of your easy frock. Some shirtdresses come with a fabric belt—trade that out for a brown leather one or even a scarf or flannel to tie at the waist.

Perfect Shirt in Black Watch by J. Crew

Cosmic Terry T-Shirt Dress by Twenty Tees

4. Snuggle up in a sweater pulled over your dress. This looks best if the shirtdress is collared!

Tricolor Stripe Boatneck Sweater by Vince

Miranda Shirt Dress by Rails

Air Talia Bootie by Cole Haan

5. Wear boots! Shoes are seasonal give-aways. Ditch the summer gladiator sandals for leather thigh high boots to keep your sensual femme fatale look. Soften it up with suede thigh high's. For a more tailored, preppier addition to your shirtdress, throw on some booties. Or, combat boots bring out your inner spitfire and look very chic with a scarf!

Jemina Over the Knee Boot by Joie

Lace Hem Dress by Red Haute

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By Olivia Zisman


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