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What 5 Top Fall Songs Tell Us About Must-Have Transition Pieces

Olivia Zisman

Posted on September 24 2018

As we transition from the full-on fun of summer into the cozier lifestyle of autumn, we become contemplative from the nostalgia of a seasonal playlist. Evoking a picture of bonfires, corn mazes, and hayrides, the songs of the season make us feel sentimental of past fashion trends.

So, snuggle up in a chunky knit, look at some leaves, and warmly embrace some fall vibes by creating musical memories in these five autumnal classics!


1) “Autumn Leaves,” Eva Cassidy

Choice Lyric: “I miss you most of all, my darling / When autumn leaves start to fall”

Without exception, Eva Cassidy had the most easily recognizable and hardly replicable voice in the music industry, doling out wistful notes one after the other for our own charity. We can dare to replicate Cassidy’s magic and mesmerisms in a folksy, versatile piece like a knit pinafore. Whether layered over a tank for summer or a long-sleeved tee for fall, our pinafore recycles the 1970’s fashion trend of tribal printing to evoke autumn’s very down-to-earth attitude.


Somedays Lovin' Maple Knit Pinafore

Available in XS/S/M/L


2) “Pale September,” Fiona Apple

Choice Lyric: “Pale September, I wore the time like a dress that year / The autumn days swung soft around me, like cotton on my skin”

It would not be autumn without the angst or longing over a relationship loved and lost. Fiona Apple, however, grieves first and foremost over her soft, cotton dress, not a relationship turned sour. And if grief were a color besides black, it would be an olive green. A midi dress fits snugly and comfortably into an Apple-approved fall aesthetic.


Three Dots Cotton Gauze Midi Dress

Available in S/M


3) “Harvest Moon,” Neil Young

Choice Lyric: “But now it’s getting late, / And the moon is climbing high / I want to celebrate / See it shining in your eye”

Ambience: the character of a place. Neil Young develops character in “Harvest Moon” by bringing people back to their country roots and seeing the value in a tried and true love song. We can pull inspiration from the song’s ambience with an all-time classic, the denim vest, over just about any sundress to take an outfit from summer into fall.


LLove Denim Vest

Available in S/L


4) “Leaves That Are Green,” Simon & Garfunkel

Choice Lyric: “And the leaves that are green turned to brown, / And they wither with the wind, / And they crumble in your hand”

“Leaves That Are Green” gently reminds us that we, like the seasons, are transient. Keeping and letting go are a vital part of our health and wellness, which oftentimes can be connected to fashion. Closet space, like head space, is a prized commodity; some things simply should not be taking up room. Instead, stick to the basics! Be kind to yourself during change by keeping a closet staple: the suede skirt.


Wishlist Suede Botton Front Mini Skirt

Available in S/M/L


5) “We’re Going to Be Friends,” The White Stripes

Choice Lyric: “Fall is here, hear the yell / Back to school, ring the bell / Brand new shoes, walking blues / Climb the fence, books and pens / I can tell that we are going to be friends”

The playful and folksy lyrics recall a simpler time, a time unencumbered by obligations and deadlines, when adventure was top priority and action items, nonexistent. Give in to the whims and fancies of days past with a nostalgic, artisanal combat boot that can cross seasons and earth with Gaia-like femininity.


Breckelle's Tina Lace Up Boot

Available in 8/8.5/9


For more inspiration on versatile fall styles, check out our professionally curated collection here.


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