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How to Keep Your White Jeans White - Common Mistakes to Avoid

Angelina Pena

Posted on June 11 2020

How to Care For Your White Jeans - 5 Tips

We love to wear white jeans in the summer! They're versatile, chic and go with just about any color! However, the upkeep that accompanies them can become quite a headache. We want our jeans to last the entire summer and beyond. So what do we do? How do we keep our whites looking white?  Avoid washing your jeans after every wear, and try these tips instead:

1. Stay Away From Red Liquids

Stay as far away as you can from red liquids especially red wine. If going on a nerve-racking first date, make sure to drink vodka sodas or white wine. You do not want to get nervous and spill red wine and be worried! 

2. Choose Your Tops Wisely

Make sure all your tops are prewashed to remove excess dye and lint before wearing them. Because just like the wash, dyes can easily transfer onto white clothing (even without water). This is actually a good rule to bookmark for all your garments!

3. Watch Where You Sit

Going to an outdoor concert or event? Make sure to take a towel/blanket and double-check before you sit down. Plastic Bags also protect dirt and water from seeping through.

    4. Treat Stains Differently 

    The first rule of thumb when removing stains from white jeans is to resist the urge to rub. Rubbing the fabric can cause the stain to seep into the fibers even more. The second rule is to not freak out. All stains are treatable with a mixture of warm water and a common household ingredient. Instead, blot the material with the solution on the inside and out, rinse well and let air dry. Here are some remedies you can use for the following stains: 

    • Ink- Use a glycerin-based soap. We recommend Dial or Cetaphil.
    • Red Wine and Blood - Add a bit of hydrogen peroxide.
    • Oil, Coffee, and Grass: A little concentrated dish soap should do the trick.
    • DO NOT use bleach as it yellows whites.

    If you're out and about - Dab the stain with warm water and leave it alone until you get home. If you bump into a dirty door or car, grab some white dove soap and a white washcloth and buff the stain out. 

    5. Grab Some Rays

    Did you know the sun is a natural bleaching agent?  After washing in cold water, lay your jeans on a clothesline (if you have one) or outside on a towel to dry.  My aunt used to do this with my grease-stained t-shirts from waitressing and they looked brand new after! 

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    We are here to answer all your questions regarding wearing white jeans! Please leave a comment or email us at for any inquiries. Have a tip that we didn't mention? Leave it in the comments below!

    Until next time!

    Xo, Muse

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