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White Jeans Outfit Ideas - 5 Ways to Wear White Jeans

Sarah Gruber

Posted on July 01 2020

What to Wear With White Jeans in the Summer & Beyond

 What was once seen mostly as an upkeep nightmare because of its perilous color, is now stumping the negative undertones as it becomes a fashion staple. However, questions like the following still remain on many of our minds: How do I make white jeans look chic? What shoes look best with white jeans? Will white jeans look good on me? Can I wear white jeans to work? What about a date?  And last but not least, how do I wear white jeans without getting them dirty? 

In this guide, we will cover these questions and show you the best 5 ways to style white jeans. But first, let's go over some styling basics...

Tips to Remember

Find the Right Fit:

White jeans carry a bad rap as many are afraid every imperfection will show. Here's what to look for when shopping for white jeans:

    • Look for pairs that are not uncomfortably tight but snug and the waistband should not gap. 
    • Avoid excessively baggy white jeans as they may leave you shapeless.
    • Take your time and give yourself a break from the self-nagging as a good seamstress can always tweak a few things for a perfect fit! 
    • If you are curvier, try slim or white straight leg jeans as they will accentuate your figure without squeezing too tight.  You want them to fit through the thighs and then taper ever so lightly to the hem in order to elongate your legs. 
    • Classic skinny or girlfriend jeans (a slimmer version of the boyfriend) are best for slender women. They also look best on pear-shaped figures as they balance the figure to the eye. 
Wear Proper Undergarments:
Let's talk about what to wear under white jeans. A commando nude thong is always preferred when wearing any pant that is light-colored and tight.  Make sure to choose the color that matches your skin tone best.  Not all denim is made of a high-quality fabric so it is especially important to do a “selfie” check in a mirror with lots of light.  Don’t forget to check for visible panty lines as well!  Jeans that have a cotton fabric content of 95% or above typically ensure they are not see-through.


Picking the Shoes 

It's important to know what shoes to wear with white jeans. We recommend to stick with neutral colored shoes (nude, cream, bone, camel, etc.) and avoid dark colors as they will shorten the appearance of your legs (if you're trying to look taller). If you want to add some pizazz, throw on a pair of glitter or metallic sandals! When choosing what shoes to wear with white jeans in the colder months, booties or closed-toe shoes are a must. All in all, most shoes look great with white jeans. However, make sure to check the mirror and if you’re not feeling it, try a different pair. We know you'll look great no matter what!

Treat Stains Differently 
The first rule of thumb when removing stains from white jeans is to resist the urge to rub. Rubbing the fabric can cause the stain to seep into the fibers even more. The second rule is to not freak out. All stains are treatable with a mixture of warm water and a common household ingredient. Instead, blot the material with the solution on the inside and out, rinse well and let air dry. Here are some remedies you can use for the following stains:
  • Ink- Use a glycerin-based soap. We recommend Dial or Cetaphil.
  • Red Wine and Blood - Add a bit of hydrogen peroxide.
  • Oil, Coffee, and Grass: A little concentrated dish soap should do the trick.
  • DO NOT use bleach as it yellows whites.
Click here to see more on caring for your white jeans


Now that we know what to look for when buying jeans and what shoes and underwear look best, we can discuss the outfits. Here are 5 ways you can wear white denim:

1. Skinny Jeans + Printed Top

Printed tops pop even more when paired with white jeans.  Keep the bottoms simple so the focus is the print!  



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2. Skinny Jeans + All White - Monochromatic 

Monochromatic style is so chic and my favorite.  You will instantly look put together without much thought.  Pair your white denim with tops in the same color palette.  You can even pull out your soft pinks!

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3. Prep it Up  

If you are a preppy girl, do not fret as white goes perfect with stripes, blues, and reds.  

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    4. Flared Jeans + a Blazer

    Many offices have “Summer Fridays” in which you can wear jeans.  Keep it professional by pairing your jeans with a blazer and a more formal top.  Make sure to wear a heel as it elevates the level of professionalism.  What to Wear With White Jeans | White Jeans Blazer Outfit | White Jeans Light Pink Blazer | Blazer With Flared White Jeans Outfit Summer | Silk Shanting Blouse | Vince Blush Blazer on Sale | Parker Smith Bombshell Bell Bottom Jeans in White

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    5. Distressed Jeans + Blue Denim

     If you're aiming for a casual look, blue denim looks great with white distressed or destroyed jeans. Complete the outfit with your most comfy tee and a sneaker or sandal. 

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